Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mosaic man and jessie jane .....homeless again

things go from bad to worse and then desaster. from the veterans hospital to the streets ,because of jerks. fundraiser thru pay pal under JIM POWER .ck out time out .i am not sure if i will survive all this . too many things goin on ck ""mosaic man "" on you tube

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

death of the mosaic trail 1988-2008-

to much for one guy and a dog jessie jane to handle to much confusion i got other things to do all year i spent $ 2,000 + to make 200 what a joke just remember i was willing ....................... public doa e-mail R.I.P.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

only the villager reports the story

mosaic man loosing ground no donations comming in .so called friends acting like children (as in dont feed my dog) the planter /now seat cost $300 with no pay im close to throwing in the towel on all of it i am a GREAT artist and i will not put up with this bulll any longer shame on nyc politions shame its not over yet............... again who at john gambeling said " i was going to kill the mayor" this will not go away

Monday, October 13, 2008

the issue is not why i the MOSAIC MAN would threthen the mayor's life

The question is WHO said I said it ? After trying to get to speak to the mayor via his weekly hour fri am john gambling........ show third call got,not loud or abusive or any other senario but straigh ....... talk (shooting ) missing word maybe a little paranoid anyway that nite after not finding me at home waited for an hour . well after 5 am in the morning i figured why the nypd the landlord maybe so . the next day ,after noon i leave the house and notice (you know the little DARK window car) drives by stops backing up perfictly anf a young couple emerge from car. i drop my guard . look back to see if and if they needeed my assistance and sure enough ...................Detective .... ...... of nypd says hay jim how you doin , then what happened on the john gambeling show........ started to explain then a minute or so "why did you say you would like to kill the mayor " at which point I' shot' , there we go again got to watch out , I shot my hand up into the air saying "put the cuff's on me " of coarse it never was said at all. i did say i would be in front of A B C 7 a.m. to protest this sick twist of fate /fame more later by the way as every thing falls apart im out there build ing for the future just almost finished st marks planter in to seat cost me $300 + no pay 21 and still not legal nyc #1 toerist spot in LMH and ho funding . not on my watch if senitor OBAMA can stop in front of my work )ny times () hand held high whats with NY politians S H A M E ch officialeastvillagenews........... ck NY POST don johnson in am TUES for story also ck YOU TUBE mosaic man documentary 4/1/2 min tell a friend U S A U S A U S A all the way

Thursday, October 9, 2008

COUNT down to WOODSTOCK"S 40 th anneversary as

woodstock also celibrate's its 106 year as colony of the art's may 2, 1902 eastvillage artists will also celibrate on st marks pl as we shoot for all the lightpoles done in mosaic by may 2 2009 we need everyones support for this there is a plan more later SOON Officialeastvillage,com will be up soon we're still #1.................all others are a bad joke e - mail donate on line we need it email the mayor

Monday, September 22, 2008

MOSAIC MAN ......D E A D 1988-2008 jim power lives on

reinjured at dogrun from dog jumping high at my chest i fell over on my already injured hip its bad .project to do ALL the poles on st marks place on hold if your gonna donate to this event do it now time is runnin out may be moving back to scranton facing eviction under attack at home in arion pl fron russian imigrants DENNIS PAVLOV and bad landlord haRRY GOMEZ MORE LATER JESSIE JANE IS OK FOR NOW MORE LATER ALSO CK MOSAICMAN-EASTVILLAGE.COM NEWS POLICE SCREWED UP MORE LATER photos on